• spoil 568

    Alor voici le spoil de cette semaine que j'ai trouvé sur le forum de OPS:

    voici pour le script:

    Chapter 568: Do as you damn want

    Pic 1
    Pirate: It's the legendary marine, Garp!!
    (cut off AND blurry, guessin) He's joined the defence!!
    Whitebeard: Don't let his fame intimidate you!! He's just one old soldier!!
    Garp: Heh!
    Akainu: Well, you're also his generation... you should be careful of the foe in front of you!!

    Pic 2
    (again, super blurry)
    Akainu: Damn you, going around destroying the town...!
    Whitebeard: I told you, try and protect it!!
    Pirates: pave the way to rescue Ace!! Show them the might of the New World!!

    Ace: ........
    Sengoku: What's wrong, Fire-fist?
    Garp: hm? Ace...
    (pic too blurry to make out, towns people talking bad about Roger)
    punk: It's all because of Gold Roger's fault!! He should never have been born!!
    He's such a piece of trash... he was a nuisance in life, and even more trouble in death!
    He's the biggest trash in the world, remember that.
    punk: Huh? Why are you getting pissed? Who are you?

    pic 3
    Dadan?: What the hell did you do down there in town!?
    They're saying the town's delinquents were nearly killed by a boy!
    Ace: oh, they're alive? I thought I killed them.
    Dadan?: What!?

    thug: What? You want to know about Roger?
    thug: Roger!? Don't mention that goddamn name!!
    Garp: Bwahahahaha!! I heard you're getting pissed lately!
    Ace: .... old man, you have a grandson, right? ....is he happy with his life?
    Garp: Yeah, Luffy's growing up just fine!
    Ace: gramps.... do you think it was ok for me to be born?
    Garp: !?
    Garp: Well... you'll only know by living

    Luffy: Iva-chan...!!
    Ivankov: You're concious!?
    Luffy: I want you to hear... my final wish!!

    Pirates: Clear the way!!!

    Ace: I am.... rotten!!
    (Jinbei's line cut off)
    pirate: we're almost there!!

    Pic 4
    Pirates: Ace~!!! Ace, we're coming!! Hang in there, Ace!! Don't give up on us!!
    Ace: I'm.... i'm no good!! At time like this... when pops...my brother.. and my friends are bleeding and falling all around.... yet I can't stop crying in joy!!
    After all this... I finally value my own life!!

    Pirates: Captain Buggy!! You're awake!! Gosh, you're alive!!
    Buggy: What happened to me!?
    Pirates: you were frozen by Aokiji, and then defrosted by sea water boiling by magma!!
    Buggy: *pant..pant* Damn you marines, don't think I'm through just yet!!
    Pirates: You hear that!? Unbelievable words coming from someone who just came out of frozen state!!
    Cognac is online now Reply With Quote

    pic 5
    (whitebeard falls down, bleeding)
    Whitebeard: ..... Damn it!!
    Division commanders: Pops!?
    Akainu: It seems you can't beat your aging, Whitebeard!!

    Marco: .....!!! (That's what I was afraid of the most!!)
    Kizaru: Victory is decided in an instant, you know.
    (shoots lasers through Marco)
    Joz: Marco!!
    Aokiji: You looked away just now, didn't you?
    (freezes half of Joz)

    pic 6
    (Akainu lands a magma blow on Whitebeard)

    Ivankov: You want another shot of Tention hormone!? Impossible!! No way!!
    You've been fighting non-stop since Impel down...!!
    You nearly died from poisoning, and your body has already gone beyond the limit!!
    If you decieve your body any further, you'll be.... dead afterwards!!
    Luffy: If I die after I did everything I can, then it's fine...!!
    Let me fight, Iva-chan!!

    Vista: pops went down!! Marco and Joz are in danger also!!
    Luffy: If I don't fight now... and failed saving Ace....

    pic 7
    Luffy: I will want to die afterwards!!
    Give me the power to fight right now!!
    Ivankov: I told you!! If I let you die right now, what am I supposed to tell Dragon!? You idiot!!!
    Fine..... do as you damn want!!!

    Pirate: hey, what did you just do....!!
    Ace: ....Luffy.....


    et voici les scan:

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    Mercredi 16 Décembre 2009 à 21:30
    Lien trouvé sur le site de la MFT : http://sharebee.com/c6942888

    Vf du chapitre 568
    Mercredi 16 Décembre 2009 à 22:05
    Cool :p
    Iwa_chan Profil de Iwa_chan
    Mercredi 16 Décembre 2009 à 22:21
    Javou merci helene pour le lien sa fait plaisir un mercredi ^^
    Mercredi 16 Décembre 2009 à 22:39
    J'avoue je m'attendais pas à le voir si tôt :)
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