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    Chapter 588: Sabo's Sea
    Page 03:
    Citizen: Hey!! That's my ship!! He stole my fishing ship!! Where is he going!?
    Citizen: He's raising a black flag!! Is he trying to be a pirate!?
    This is foolish!! A single child pirate!?

    Citizen: The World Government ship is arriving soon!! You're in the way of the ceremony!!
    Hey you!! Hurry up and come back!!

    Sabo: What scares me the most... is for me to be swallowed up in this city, and being changed..!! I'm not returning!!

    Magra: What!? Isn't that..... Sabo!?
    Page 04:
    Citizen: The Government ship has arrived!!
    Sabo: ........ wow, it's a huge ship... my ship may be caught in the waves. I should sail away from it.

    World Noble: ...What is that thing eh?
    Guard: It appears to be just a fisherman's ship

    Page 05:
    Citizen: So a real World Noble is on that ship!!
    They are such divine existence, you'd be lucky to see them once in your life time...!!
    Sabo: It'll be cool to one day become a captain of a ship that large....
    Page 06:
    Luffy: Ace isn't dead!!
    Magra: calm down, I understand how you feel...
    but right now, you're in no shape to be going to the trash mount where the army is roaming about!

    Magra: With a huge fire like that, I know the chances are slim.. but we want to believe boss and Ace are alive as well!
    Dogra is checking out the Trash mount right now, leave it up to him!
    Magra: Listen Luffy, we're all in pain just like you!
    Luffy: ....!!

    Citizen: The fishing ship's been fired at!
    Dogra: Sabo!!
    Citizen: Is the child ok!? He must have gotten on the nerves of the World Noble!!

    Page 07:
    Sabo: Damn!! The ship's on fire!! Why did they suddenly fire at me...!?
    Citizen: Saint Jalmac, there was a child on that ship!!
    Jalmac: If you raise a pirate flag, you're a pirate no matter who you are... besides, he was a lowly citizen crossing the path of my ship!!
    Page 08:
    Citizen: .....!!
    Noble: What was that ship about!?
    Hurry up and clean up the debris!! What if we displease the Celestial Dragon on a important ceremonial day like this!?

    Dogra: ........!!

    Page 09:
    Bandit: Hey everyone!! They're back!!
    Luffy & Bandits: Ace!!! Boss!!
    We're so relieved!! You both made it back safely!!
    Page 10:
    Luffy: AAAACEEE!!!
    Ace: Luffy, did you think I died?
    Luffy: well...*sob*
    Ace: What are you crying for!? Don't kill me off that easily!!

    Ace: That night in the fire... we actually won against Bluejam, but by that time the road was all blocked by fire.
    Dadan was burned badly in the fire, so I hid her in the riverside of "Forest of Inbetween", and stole medicine and such from the town to keep her alive.

    Page 11:
    Magra: I see, well I'm glad both of you are alive.
    Bandit: Boss, take care of yourself and get well
    Dadan: ...I'm sorry fellas for keeping your worried
    Ace: With Trash Mount in a shape like that... I wonder if Sabo's worried about us

    Dadan: Ace... why didn't you run away?
    Ace flashback: I won't run away!!

    Ace: once in a while... I get all riled up, and I get scared that if I run, I'll lose something very important...
    and that time, I was (rest cut off)
    Page 12:
    Ace: (continued from At that time...) Luffy was behind me
    I don't know, but that was probably the reason....

    Garp: Even when facing an army he couldn't possibly defeat, Roger never ran, and stood his place.
    Dadan: Did he want to die? Running is part of a battle too
    Garp: That's true, but he still wouldn't run away... as long as there are loved ones behind him.
    If he run with them, his crew would be in danger as well.
    To elaborate... it's not "No running away". He doesn't "let his enemy go" to prevent them from pursuing his crew.

    Page 13:
    Garp: And Roger at the moment could only be described as "Demon"!!
    He even destroyed an entire army of a nation because someone spoke badly about his crewmate.
    Yeah, if you get him angry he would be extremely violent, short tempered, and selfish.
    But his actions were always as simple and pure as a child.

    Garp: Probably it's because he was born and raised much like Ace... he feared extremely of losing those he loved.
    "Pirate King" was the result of him living recklessly like that, yet somehow lucked out and surviving.
    He may be terribly infamous to the world, but among his crew he gained the utmost trust.
    Even a marine like me couldn't hate him... that's why I took care of Ace.

    Dadan: Hell no!! The one being forced to take care of Ace is us!!
    Garp: What, do you have objection to it?
    Dadan: ....!! Uh, of course not!!
    (flashback ends)

    Dadan: Even though he hates him... he still carries the blood of his father...
    Luffy: Hm? Hey Dogra! You went to look for Ace and Dadan right? They both came back already!
    Dogra: !! Really? Well that's good...!!

    Ace: You LIE!! Even if you're joking, I won't forgive you for it!!
    Dogra: It's not a joke or a lie!! It happened so suddenly... I couldn't believe my eyes!! I thought I was seeing things or dreaming it!!
    Luffy, you said Sabo was taken back by his noble parents, right? Thugs like us understand that there are some places you never want to go back to!!
    If he was really happy... would he sailed off to the sea like that!? Would he raise a pirate flag and sail out to the sea all by himself!?

    Ace flashback: Forget Sabo for now... we promised, remember? This might be his happiness

    Luffy: Sabo.... he wasn't happy at all!!!

    Sabo flashback: Don't be offended by me saying this... but even with my parents around, I was always alone

    Ace: Why... why didn't we go take him back!!

    Sabo flashback: I'll do whatever, and live however you want me to!! So please, don't harm these two!!
    Dadan: This world killed Sabo!! What could you possibly do!!?
    Your father died and changed the era!! You decide however you want to live and die, AFTER you achieved that level of manliness!!!

    Dadan: Tie this idiot up!!
    Bandits: Y..yes ma'am!!

    Luffy: SABOOOO!!!!!!
    Ace: Shut up Luffy!! You're a man, don't go about crying like that!!
    Luffy: Waaaaaaaahhhhh!!!
    Bandit: Have you cooled your head yet, Ace?
    Ace: ....where's Luffy?
    Bandit: He's been crying through out the night, and sleeping right now.
    Dogra: Hey boss!! We just recieved a letter!
    It's from... Sabo!! He left a letter before he set out to the sea!!

    Ace: Give it to me!! I won't go to the town anymore... that letter was made out to us, right!?

    Sabo's letter: Ace, Luffy, are you alright? Were your hurt in the fire? I'm worried about you, but I believe you two are safe.
    I'm sorry you guys, but by the time you read this letter, I'll already be out in the sea.

    After much thinking, I decided to go ahead before you guys.
    The destination is... wherever other than this country.
    When we all become freer pirates than anyone, we three brothers will meet again somewhere.
    Out somewhere in this big, free ocean, I promise!
    Oh, and Ace... you and I, who'se the older brother?
    Two first brothers and one younger brother... that may sounds strange, but this bond is my treasure.
    Luffy is still weak and a crybaby, but he's our little brother. Take care of him for me.


    Editor: Endless tears!!

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    spoil AP:
    Chapter 589: The Ambition of Turbulence

    first pic

    Ace: We drank the sake of brotherhood with Sabo, and we're still alive!
    That's why Luffy, we must live our lives without any regrets!!!

    Sabo flashback: A men of nobility is considered a true noble at age of 18. That's why I'm going to leave this country at age of 17

    Ace: we'll one day sail out to the ocean and live as we like! Freer than anyone!
    I'm sure we'll make many enemies that way... Even our gramps will be our enemy! We have to put our lives on line!
    We'll sail when we're 17!! We're going to be pirates!!

    pic 2

    Narrator: Going back a few....
    The night the Celestial Dragons ships arrived at the Kingdom of Goa....

    Child: Did you see earlier today? Huge faced man!! Look over there, even their ship is huge
    Child lifting a boulder: 580.... 581

    Narrator: A small harbor village somewhere in the East Blue

    Ivankov: You're late Dragon!!! How long are you gonna make me wait!?
    Dragon: sorry
    Ivankov: Oh....!
    Crew: Hey!! treat him immediately!!

    Dragon: What about food?
    Crew: The village was kind enough to share us some.

    Dragon: Let's set sail then. We're returning to Vertigo!!

    pic 3

    Narrator: 7 years later... Ace 17, Luffy 14

    Luffy & co: Take care Ace!!
    Ace: Just you wait! I'll be famous soon!!

    Ace, son of the Pirate King, grew up unknown from the world
    And quietly set sail from the bay of Colbo mountain.

    Luffy: Haha!! He's still waving!
    Woopslap: Damn... now what will Garp have to say about this!?

    pic 4

    Bandit: hey boss~~~!

    Garp flashback: You raise him, Dadan!!
    Dadan flashback: What!? Whose child is it!?

    Dadan: ..........
    Bandit: Ace already left!!
    Dadan: Oh yeah? YOu know Garp is gonna chew me out for this.... Damn that stupid brat!!
    Bandit: Oh yeah, Ace left a message for you
    Dadan: Whaaat!? Is he gonna talk smack to me to the end!?
    Bandit: "Thank you, for taking care of me"
    Dadadn crying: Stop kidding me!! That idiot!! *BAAAAWWWS*

    Luffy: three more years for me!! Gum Gum.......

    pic 5

    Narrator: three years later, Luffy 17

    Luffy: You're not gonna come send me off?
    Dadan: Whoopslap and Makino may be ok with it, but the other villagers of Fuusha would be terrified, if we came down the mountain. Just go already!

    Luffy: Ok then, thanks for everything!!
    Dadan: ...Stop thanking me, it's embarassing!
    Luffy: Dadan!! I hate mountain bandits!!
    Dadan: Shut up, brat!!
    Luffy: But I like you guys!!
    Dadan: Cut the crap and just go already!! *BAAAAAWWW*
    I can't believe it, both you and Ace....!!

    Narrator: Fuusha village, on the edge of the Dawn island, Kingdom of Goa

    Fisherman: Hey Luffy, use my old fishing ship!
    Luffy: Nah, this is alright!! I want to start here, like this!
    Fisherman: But that's a boat...!!

    pic 6-7
    Villager: He really did get strong!
    Villager: Wow, he took out the Lord of the Inshore in one hit...!

    Luffy: Alright, I'm going now!! I'm gonna be... the Pirate King!!

    Narrator: Current time, Calm Belt, Female Island (Amazon Lily)
    Luffy is crying for the lost of his older brother, Ace

    Jinbei: Luffy....

    Luffy: What about Pirate King....!!!
    I am!! Weak!!!!

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    et je vous previen ce n'est pas un rêve :

    Chaper 591 "Is that alright?"
    Cover: Rayleigh & Crocus in a bath drinking sake

    Vol 59 on sale on 4th August

    Rayleigh has swam his way to Amazon Lily
    Seems like his ship was damaged by a storm
    Law's subordinate commented "there shouldn't be any storm in the Calm Belt..."

    Hancock was bringing food to Luffy

    Jimbei appeared, carrying (?) Luffy, and they met Rayleigh.
    Jimbei's feeling the jitters from meeting Rayleigh.

    Law has set sail from the island

    Nyon noticed Rayleigh's presence
    Hancock's siblings are also glad to be able to meet Rayleigh

    Nyon starts to read the letter from Shakky

    Rayleigh got to know from Kuma the location Luffy has been flown to
    Furthermore, knowing Hancock's character, he heard from Shakky who knew she would hide Luffy, so he came to the island. (*Sorry, I made a translation mistake here. Rayleigh actually heard abt Hancock's character from Shakky)

    Luffy seems to want to return to Shabondy
    He wants to meet up with his nakama
    So Rayleigh asks "You wanna do it again? It's up to you to decide if you want to ride in" (I think there might have been a typo here by ohana. someone else to clarify)

    Usopp is becoming increasingly fatter
    Tries to tilt a beetle over but no matter how many times he try, it just wouldn't fall
    He is stopped by Heraculesun

    Newspapers are being dropped excessively by the news-gull
    Usopp reads one, finds out the death of Ace and starts to cry

    Chopper got on friendly terms with the humans on the island
    As he wants to meet his nakama soon, he bids farewell
    He wants to heal Luffy's injuries
    And so he rides on a bird, and at the same time, the news-gull arrives with the newspaper, and he reads it..
    "Luffy... why again?!"

    Rayleigh: Are you gonna repeat the same mistake again? Look, I have a proposition. Whether you agree to it or not is up for you to decide.

    Usopp tries over and over to defeat a large beetle, but fails.

    bits more info.

    Rayleigh left his Vivre card with Shakky.
    Law handed the hat to Rayleigh before he left the island, and Rayleigh handed it back to Luffy.
    Law handed it without making a comment on it, but he did tell Rayleigh Luffy needs to stay put for 2 more weeks.

    polytrax a écrit:
    Chapitre 591 :"Est ce que tout va bien?"
    couverture: Rayleigh et Crocus boivent un Saké dans le bain

    Vol 59 en vente en aout (au japon biensur chez nous c'est le 54 qui vient de sortir Wink )

    Rayleigh à nagé pour arriver à Amazone Lilly
    Il semble que son bateau a été endomagé par une tempète.
    Un moussaillon de Law : " il ne devrait y avoir aucune tempète dans calm belt..."

    Hancock apporte à manger à Luffy

    Jimbei apparait transportant Luffy et ils rencontre Rayleigh .
    Jimbei a le trac de rencontrer Rayleigh .

    Law quitte l'îles

    Nyon remarque la présence de Rayleigh.
    Les soeurs d'Hancock sont fière de rencontrer Rayleigh.

    Nyon commence à lire la lettre de Shakky ( NB: une ancienne Amazone donc celle avant Nyon ? puisque les autres sont mortes)

    Rayleigh est au courrant par Kuma de l'endroit ou Luffy a été envoyé
    En outre , connaissant le caractère d'Hancock , il s'est laissé dire par Shaky qu'elle savait qu'elle voudrais cacher Luffy , alors il est venue sur l'Ile .(

    Luffy veut retourner sur Shabondy
    Il veut retrouver ses nakama
    Rayleigh: Vas tu répéter la même erreur encore une fois ?Regarge , j'ai une proposition à te faire. Libre à toi d'accepter ou non .

    Usopp devient de plus en plus gros
    Ussop essai encore et encore de battre une grosse coccinelle mais échoue .
    Il est stoppé par Héracles'san( nnn)

    Le journal est largué en quantité par la "mouettes postal" ( interprétation personnel je trouve ça mieux que "nouvelle mouette")
    Ussop en lit un et apprend la mort de Ace et commence à pleurer

    Chopper est en bon termes avec les humain de l'île à présent .
    Comme il veut retrouver ses nakama rapidement , il leur fait ses adieux .
    Il veut soigner les blessures de Luffy .
    Et il chevauche donc un oiseau quand au même moment la mouette postal arrive avec le journal et il le lit .
    "Luffy...pourquoi ? "

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