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    et oui vous ne rêvé pas nous sommes lundi et voilà le chap en VA hahahaha!!!: >>ici<<


    et oui nous sommes toujour lundi et voilà pour vous la VF de notre manga préféré: >>ici<<

    Bon je sait que sa fait très tôt mais j'avais envie de le mettre tôt cette semaine , c'est peu être dut au manque sérieu que je ressent ... bref voici le premier spoil du chap 583 en japonais (et oui faut pas trop rêvé non plus c'est pas encore traduit mais si vous savez traduire le japonais hésitez pas a poster votre petite traduction ^^:



    583 不確かな物の終着駅




    3か月を越えたころ ゴミばかりのグレイターミナルにつく

    そのそばの木の上に サボ

    ルフィ捕まる 助けを求めるルフィ




    ブルージャム海賊団 船員ポルシェーミ
    見た目は ロン毛のデカイ人


    en GROS résumé:

    - Ace's friend is named Sabo
    - They steal money from crooks to save up for a pirate ship
    - Luffy finds out and they tie him up and plan to kill him so he won't tell others
    - A pirate Ace stole money from shows up and finds Luffy while Ace and Sabo hide
    - The pirate asks where the money is and Luffy lies
    - The lie is so bad that the pirate plans on torturing him
    - Ends with a cliffhanger on whether Ace will or will not save Luffy.

    et enfin l'image de ce fameu sabo:

    La c'est biquet qui en rajoute une couche, et mieux cette fois les spoil, hein iwa ; D
    Chapter 583: Final Destination for the Uncertain (The Gray Terminal)

    Dadan tells Luffy she'll give him food and water, but if he wants meat he's gonna have to get it himself.
    She also makes Luffy do errands in the house

    Ace is off to somewhere
    Luffy goes after luffy, abandoning his errands
    Ace comes back to the house first
    Luffy comes back to the house a week later, all beat up

    But Luffy goes after Ace every day month after month.
    After three month or so, he arrives at the Gray Terminal, where there's heaps of trash.

    Sabo is sitting on top of the tree nearby
    Ace calls Sabo up
    Ace and Sabo are doing crooked things to save up hidden savings for piracy
    Luffy arrives and tells them he's gonna be a pirate too
    Luffy now knows Sabo and Ace's secret
    Ace and Sabo ties Luffy to a tree and tries to kill him, but can't (they've never killed anyone yet)

    A large man who Ace stole the money from appears, and is looking for Ace
    Luffy is caught by the man, and asks for help

    The large man asks Luffy if he knows Ace, and he answers yes
    He then asks where the money is, but Luffy tells him he doens't know (Luffy is terrible at lying)

    The man tells Luffy well then, I'll make you remember, and takes him away

    Will Ace & Sabo save Luffy or not?
    End of chapter
    Voili voilou ^^

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  • La VA, enfin : >> ici <<

    La VF maintenant : >>ici<<


    Enfin un spoil --' :D

    Source: AP
    Credit: Steven D. Teach
    Verification: Confirmed

    Title: The Porchemi Incident
    Cover: Crocodile and Mr. 1

    Luffy is tied to the post/tree with a rope
    Luffy “Let me go! (I changed this because I think they made a typo) I won’t say anything!!
    Porchemi: Damn brat!
    Another pirate brandishes a giant mallet and gets pissed

    The sound of the giant hammer’s impact sounds out within a small hut on the mountain of garbage.
    Luffy is being flattened by the hammer
    Luffy: ….!!
    The pirates get up and scream
    Luffy: I ate the gom gomu fruit.
    Pirates: Gyaaaaaaaaaah
    Porchemi: ….

    Porchemi: ….? A devil fruit? This is the real thing. Bring the gloves.
    Pirates: ?!
    Porchemi: Listen you dram brat, what your friend Ace stole from us was our crew’s precious money.
    Luffy is strung up with rope
    Porchemi: You know where it/he is…so tell us!

    Luffy: !!!
    Porchemi beats Luffy with spiked gloves and Luffy bleeds

    Blood splatters
    Pirates: ……! It worked!!
    Porchemi: Don’t offend pirates…our captain Bluejam is a brute.
    Luffy’s blood drips like water while he cries and is shown dealing with great pain.

    Luffy: Gyaaaaaaaaah it hurts! I’m scared!! Save me!!
    Luffy’s voice sounds out throughout the mountain of garbage
    Porchemi: You guys, go look for Ace and Sabo.
    Pirates: Y-yes sir!

    The scene changes to a forest in the Gray Terminal/Colb Mountain?
    Sabo: Hurry hurry! If Porchemi and his gang make it here we’re through! Hurry and move the treasure to another place--there’s also the problem of how long it takes that Luffy guy to fess up!
    Ace and Sabo take out the treasure and money in haste
    Sabo: If they come here they won’t just take this time’s treasure, but our pirate savings for the past five years!

    At one part of Colb mountain there’s two goons looking for people and a mass of homeless people.
    Guy in a hat: You say you don’t know Ace and Sabo? You’re the dregs of this town…stop protecting those two.
    Guy with a child: Don’t look down on them because they’re small…they’re mad dogs that can devour a tiger.
    Guy carrying a small sword: Ace and Sabo…I don’t see them. More important than that…you guys give us something worth money. (Totally not sure about this)
    The two goons: !!?

    Ace: Didn’t notice it was night…alright! We’ve moved all the treasure!
    Ace is ontop of a rock under a tree
    Sabo runs in desperate to the rock Ace is at
    Sabo: Hah…..haa….Ace!!
    Ace: Sabo! How was it? Did they come to look for the money over there?!
    Sabo: Ha…haaa…nah they didn’t come to search! That Luffy guy….he still hasn’t talked!
    Sabo speaks while trying to catch his breath and Ace is shocked
    Ace: Huh?!

    A map explaining Gray Terminal is shown. A bay with pirates?
    The Bluejam pirate ship is shown
    Bluejam: They sure are late…hey…who was responsible for today?
    Pirate: That rascal Porchemi, Captain Bluejam!
    Bluejam: It’s already getting dark…How much money could he have taken? That bastard…there’s no way he took the money and ran, right?
    Pirate: No…no way….
    Bluejam has messed up teeth and a weird hairdo (I think)

    Scene changes to Luffy who is all messed up
    Porchemi: Cut the BS and spit it out! Ha….ha…
    Porchemi is out of breath and pounding Luffy and a pirate tries to stop him
    Pirate: Po-po-po-Porchemi! It’s useless!
    Luffy is beat up, crying and covered in blood
    Pirate: This guy…he’s even lost the energy to shout! He probably won’t say anything…this is so brutal I can’t watch.

    Porchemi: If you have time to protect this brat then go find Ace and Sabo! It’s our lives that are on the line!
    Porchemi knocks his underling away

    Some dude that lives in the garbage heap sees this
    Dude: To a kid like that!…Should we call the cops?
    Another dude: No point. The law doesn’t reach out to this garbage heap. That man is one of the Bluejam pirates…they give money to the nobles…their crimes and murders are allowed in this land. No matter how many corpses this garbage heap gets…garbage is garbage.

    Porchemi: Answer me!!
    Luffy: …I won’t talk…
    Porchemi: Damn brat, don’t protect secrets to become an adult! (I can’t localize this for the life of me lol)
    Porchemi continues to pound Luffy, Luffy cries
    Luffy: I won’t talk!!! I won’t talk!!
    Porchemi pulls out a sword
    Porchemi: Then enough! Die!
    Luffy: ?!

    Ace and Sabo: Stop!!!!
    The two break into the shack
    Porchemi: !!!!!
    Pirates: These guys! Porchemi! These are the guys that took the money! Son of a bitch!
    Porchemi glares that them (I think)
    Luffy: A--Ace!!
    Luffy cries loud

    Porchemi grabs Ace
    Porchemi: If you’ve come yourself then this won’t take long.
    Ace: ?!!
    Porchemi: Your friend has a tight mouth and it caused me trouble.
    Ace: Sabo!
    Porchemi: Huh?
    Sabo: Uwaaaaaaah!
    Sabo hits Porchemi with the pole he had
    Pirates: Porchemi!
    The Pirates panic
    Porchemi collapses

    In the opening Sabo steals a knife from the pirates
    Pirates: Ah! A knife!
    Sabo cuts Luffy loose and runs away with him
    Sabo: Run, Ace!
    Ace: Go on ahead!
    Ace waits as Porchemi gets up
    Sabo: ?! You idiot!
    Ace: Once we’ve faced each off I won’t run away!
    A shot of Ace getting ready

    Sabo: Stop it! Your opponent has a sword! He’s different from the punks in town!
    Porchemi: Hey…you’ve done something wicked (I don’t know this) Why don’t you just quietly hand over the money?
    Ace: We can use it better than you can.
    Porchemi: Quit talking crap!
    Porchemi gets pissed
    Sabo: You…wait!
    Sabo sets Luffy down and backs up Ace
    Porchemi cuts both the pole and Ace’s forehead with his sword
    Porchemi: If I lose to a brat, I’ll quit being a pirate!
    Ace bleeds from his forehead and an angry Sabo jumps in
    Porchemi is calm and Luffy is silent

    Changes to nighttime
    Bluejam: I heard the details…Porchemi is pathetic.
    Pirates: Really? You…!
    Porchemi is all beaten up
    Porchemi: I’m sorry captain…that money was…
    Bluejam: Don’t look at me. I don’t even want to see your face.
    Bluejam shots Porchemi dead.

    Scene changes
    Luffy: waaaaah wahh or whatever
    Luffy cries
    Sabo: You’re so evil Ace! To say “I won’t run” up against a real pirate…why do you have to have a death wish like that?!
    Sabo gets angry and Ace gets quiet again
    Sabo: Ha…having done this Bluejam’s crew won’t forgive us…they’ll come after us now.
    Luffy keeps crying
    Luffy: I was scared…I thought I was dead.
    Ace: Shut up! How long are you going to cry for? I hate weaklings and crybabies, they get on my nerves!
    Ace gets angry and slaps Luffy, he stops crying.
    Ace: Oh.
    Luffy: ….thank you.
    He bows his head to Luffy and Sabo
    Ace and Sabo: ….
    While thanking them he begins to cry again
    Luffy: Th…thank you for saving me!
    Ace: You ass!
    Sabo: Hey hey! He’s just thanking us.
    Sabo stops the angry Ace
    Ace: Anyway…why didn’t you tell them?! Those guys would kill a woman or child without a problem!
    Luffy: …if I talked, we couldn’t be friends anymore.
    Ace: Not being friends is better than dying! Why do you want to be friends with me so much? Just how do you look at me? You’ve gone and followed me all this way!!

    Luffy cries all teary/snotty
    Luffy: But I have nobody else to depend on!
    Ace: ?!
    Luffy: I can’t go back to Fusha village, and I hate mountain bandits! If I didn’t go after you…
    Ace: …….
    Luffy: Being on my own…being alone is so painful for me!!
    Ace: Your parents…?
    Luffy: I don’t have any other than gramps!
    Ace: So if I’m with you it’s not painful…if I’m not with you…you’re troubled.
    Luffy: Yeah.

    “What if Roger had a child?! Gahahaha it would suck for that guy!
    “He is birth and life wouldn’t be forgiven! A demon!”

    Back to present (as in the current flashback)
    Ace: You…want me to live?
    Luffy: ?!….Of course I do!
    Ace: I see…but I hate naïve little brats like you.
    Luffy: I’m not naïve/mushy!! I’m strong!!
    Ace: Strong? How are you strong? Even though you’re a man you cry!
    Luffy: Have you ever been punched with a spike?! I’m 7 years old! When I turn ten like you I’ll definitely be strong and not cry!
    Ace: Even if I was seven I wouldn’t cry! You idiot! Don’t group me with you!

    Luffy: I’m going to be stronger than everyone! I promised Shanks I would be a great pirate!
    Luffy and Ace are spreading fireworks
    Ace: A pirate? You?!
    Sabo: Hey…by the way…a problem has come up for me.
    Ace/Luffy: ?
    Sabo: Up until now I’ve lived in this garbage heap…but as of today our lives are being sought after by pirates, right?

    Scene changes to Dadan’s hideout
    Dadan: What the hell is the meaning of this?! Ace! Luffy! Who is this guy?!
    Sabo shakes hands with the shouting Dadan
    Sabo: Yo! You’re Dadan? I’m Sabo.
    Dadan: Sabo?! I know that name! I heard you’re quite the damn brat!
    Sabo: I see…I’ve also heard that you’re a damn ol hag!
    Dadan: Unnecessary information!

    “By being chased, Ace and his good friend Sabo now live together in the uncertain gray terminal”
    They head out toward the mountain from the hideout and are yelled at by Dadan.
    Dadan: you guys! I have to look after you so do some work!
    Ace: Luffy! Don’t follow us!
    Luffy: I’ll follow!

    Ace, Sabo, and Luffy. Soon these three would do nothing all day and night but fight with the beasts of the mountain road and jungles, and town’s punks, the scoundrels of the garbage heap and the bay’s pirates. This bad reputation would soon come to the land and reach the streets.

    Dadan: Dogura! Magura! Where is “Goa”?
    The turban guy is probably Dogura
    Dogura: Well, in general, this Colb mountain, garbage heap, and Fusha village are all part of the dominion of the Goa Kingdom.
    Dadan: Right?
    Magura: (Not sure about this line, but I think it’s commenting on Dadan rarely reading a newspaper)
    Dadan: They say a visitor is coming to this land? It’s becoming kinda big news…but what an uproar…is this guy really such a big deal? A “Tenryuubito”.
    Ends showing the hideout.

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  • Navré du retard, voilà le chapitre de la semaine en VA : >> ici <<

    Et en VF : >> là <<

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  • La VA : >> là <<


    LA VF :>>ici<<


    Voici les premiers spoil de la semaine ... régalez vous c'est chaud chaud chaud ^^

    le script et les images tiré de OPS:

    Chapter 586: Une ville à l'odeur nauséabonde
    Ace: Vous allez brûler la montagne de déchet !?
    BlueJam: T'es idiot ?Baisse d'un ton ... Les habitants de la montagne de déchet pourrait t'entendre!

    Ace: Comment pouvez vous faire ça !?
    Luffy: Nous devons prévenir le vieil homme qui habite à la montagne de déchet!! C'est homme est un bandit après tout l!!

    BlueJam: Je vous ai dis de ne pas faire de bruit !! Les gars surveillez les !!....Je ne suis pas derrière tout ça.
    La cargaison que vous avez transportée hier et aujourd'hui était pleine d'huile et d'explosifs.
    Le feu sera si immense , il n'y a aucune chance que quiconque puisse en réchapper

    BlueJam: C'est trop pour des idiots comme vous ?
    Mais maintenant que vous connaissez notre plan ... je ne peux pas vous laisser partir .
    Avant que je les enflamme, j'ai un question à vous poser...
    Vous avez entreposé des trésors quelque part n'est ce pas ?
    Ace & Luffy: !!?

    BlueJam: Brûlez tout les déchets les gars ! Hahaha !! Une fois que nous auront fini ça mon vieux rêve deviendra réalité!!
    Nous serons récompensé par le roi , je deviendrai un noble et je vivrais dans la grande cité royale !

    BlueJam: OK le feu sera bientôt sur nous ...!!! Échappons nous par la grande porte , l'armée nous attend.
    Pirate: Capitaine BlueJam!! Il y a ... un problème...!!
    Pirate: Capitaine, ça ne peut pas ...!!

    BlueJam: Qu'est ce qui vous prend ? Ouvrez la porte , armée !!
    BlueJam: Vous nous aviez dit que vous nous laisseriez nous échapper d'ici !!! N'était ce pas votre promesse roi ? Quand j'aurais accompli le travail , vous m'aviez dit que vous feriez de moi un noble... bon sang , vous m'avez trompé !?

    BlueJam: Maudit soit tu roi !!!!!

    Ace: Ok , je le coupe !
    Luffy: C'est chaud !! Nous ne pouvons pas nous échappé !!
    Ace: Bon sang , je ne peux pas croire que nous soyons à l'intérieur I can't believe what we got ourselves into!!

    Ace: Arrêt ça , si tu pleure encore , je te laisses ici Luffy !!
    Luffy: !!? c'est ...c'est pas chaud !!( N.B.: ici Luffy veut faire l'homme et montré à Ace qu'il ne va plus se plaindre Wink )

    Lufy: Oh mon dieu c'est chaud ...!!...Non, c'est pas chaud !!
    Ace: Bon sang ...c'est une mer de feu là dehors !
    Luffy: *Tousse* Je ne peux pas respirer , ça fait mal ...!...NON ça fait pas mal !...
    Luffy: L'air est brûlant...!!... NON, il est pas brûlant ...!!
    Ace: Ne t'inquiètes pas je suis avec toi ! Nous allons passer à travers !

    Citizen: Vous avez entendu ? Ce feu a été allumé par les Bluejam pirates !!
    Citizen: Je sais , ils sont les seuls qui pourraient faire ça...!
    Citizen: Il semble qu'ils ont fait ça pour que l'inspecteur du gouvernement mondiale ne puisse par rentrer !!

    Sabo: Ace!! Luffy!!! Courrez !!!
    Soldier: Hé regardez , ce gamin est toujours ici !! Jetez le dehors !!

    Dragon: Qu'est ce qui ne va pas jeune homme ?
    Sabo: Hé monsieur , ceux qui sont derrière ces flammes ... ce sont le roi et les nobles !!! C'est la vérité !!
    Sabo:Cette cité sent encore pire que la montagne de déchet !! Elle put la corruption des hommes !! Si je reste ici... Je ne pourrais pas être libre.

    Sabo: Quelle honte pour moi d'être né noble!!!!!
    Dragon: (Royaume de Goa... ou en es tu arrivé pour qu'un petit enfant en arrive à dire de tels choses?!?
    Dragon: Je comprends bien.... Je suis également né dans ce pays !
    Dragon:Mais je n'ai pas encore le pouvoir de changer cette nation....
    Sabo: Monsieur, vous m'écoutez
    Dragon: Oui, je n'oublierai pas

    Ace: Cours, Luffy!!
    Ivankov: Dragon!! Tout est prèt !!
    Dragon: Oui.....

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  • Voici le spoil de la semaine je sais que vous vous impatientez ^^:


    la VA: >>ici<<

    la VF: DDL:>>ici<<

             Lecture en ligne: >>ici<<

    made in OPS

    Chapter 587: "I won't run away"
    Ace: What the hell are you doing!! I just told you where it is!!
    BlueJam: There's still a possibility that you're lying, come with us
    Ace: You got to be joking!! That'll leave us no time to run!! You go ahead on your own!!
    BlueJam: Don't piss me off right now!!
    Even if I have to rely on the treasures you kids collected, I swore to bring revenge on the nobles!!
    your "brother" is just like them! They look at themsevles so special, and consider all other humans as trash!!

    Ace: Sabo doesn't think that way!!
    BlueJam: No, it's the same you fool!! He was just feeding his ego by hanging out with you!!
    Why would he ever feel threatened with a rich parents like that!?
    You guys were just toyed around by a noble's whim!!
    Deep inside, he was always looking down on you, and laughing at you!!
    Ace: don't you dare speak about Sabo like that any more!!!

    Luffy: That's right, Sabo just wanted to be free!!
    Pirate: damn this brat!!
    Luffy: ow!!!
    Pirate: I'm gonna kill him...!

    Ace: DON'T YOU LAY A HAND ON LUFFY!!!!!!!!

    *pirates fall down*

    BlueJam: What the hell did you just do, you freakish kid!!!
    Luffy: Ace!? No, stoooppp!!!!
    Dadan: Stop it, you sea bonze!! Let Ace go!!
    BlueJam: !!??

    Luffy: ....!? Dadan! Why are you guys here!?
    Magra: There you are!!
    Dogra: Man, you're hurt badly, Luffy!!
    Luffy: Dogra! Have you seen Sabo!?
    Dogra: Sabo's alright, but he's not here

    BlueJam: You... you're the boss monkey of the Colbo mountain, aren't you?
    Dadan: I'm the mountain bandit Dadan!! Through odd fate, I've been appointed foster parent to these brats.
    Alright, you guys... now we.... RUN!!
    Bandits: Yes boss!! Hurry up, Ace!!
    Ace: I won't... run away!!

    Dogra: What are you talking about Ace!? Don't mess with him!! BlueJam's infamy isn't for nothing!!
    He's not at the level that a kid like you should trifle with!!
    Luffy: M...me too!!
    Magra: No, Luffy!!

    Dadan: You guys, take Luffy and go ahead!!
    Bandit: boss!?
    Dadan: I swear I'll bring Ace home!! Now GO!
    Bandits: yes boss!!
    Boss!! Please come back to us safely!!

    BlueJam: A woman and a child.... heh.
    Just because you're confident with your skills... don't over estimate yourself.
    The onlyes ones to live through a warzone are the "strong" and the "cowards".
    the "brade" are fated to die....!!

    trash mount citizen: No... it's no good!! we're surrounded in flames!
    citizen: it's hot...!! I can't run anywhere!!! Why did this happen suddenly!?
    child: Waaaaaaaahhhhh!!!
    Narrator: Ace and Dadan did not return from the burning Gray Terminal....

    Magra: Ma-ma-wait Luffy, where are you going in a shape like that!
    Luffy: I'm going to go look for Ace and Dadan!!
    Magra: don't be silly!! Your wounds are deep, ma-ma-just stay put!
    Dogra: Right now there's a lot of army men taking care of the aftermath of the fire
    They are cleaing up the trash.... as well as "cleaning up" anyone who escaped the fire
    If you go right now, they'll kill you!!
    Luffy: but...!! I want to see Ace!! And I know Sabo is worried about him too!!

    The ruins of Gray Terminal

    Soldier: There aren't as many bodies as we expected
    Soldier: Damn, it stinks!! I bet the fire burned them out down to the bones!

    Ivankov: I can't believe you were keeping eye on such a remote area of East Blue.
    Is this place special to you?
    Dragon: This nation is representitive of this world's future....
    There is no happiness in a world that rids every unnecessary things
    One day, I'll change this world

    Sabo flashback: If I stay here, I can't be free!!

    Dragon: Even in a nation like this, children are born every day..!!

    Dragon: Anyone who wishes to fight for freedom, get on this ship!!!
    citizen: They say BlueJam's pirate ship was burned down as well.

    Sabo's father: It's no use to run away, Sabo!! You are our child, I will bring you back here again and again!
    You need to have a change of heart, and study like your brother Stelly!

    Sabo's father: then you need to make your father and mother happy for bringing you to this world.
    That is your happiness, don't you think so?

    Stelly: Don't worry father, I'm here!!
    father: oho ho, how reliable of you Stelly! Here, let's go buy you some expensive clothes.
    Tomorrow is the ceremony, we'll get to see the Celestial Dragons with our own eyes!

    Sabo: (Ace... Luffy... you guys are alright, right?
    I wanna see you guys so bad... this is like a birdcage here.
    I don't think I can stand living in this city reeking of human corruption.
    What is freedom? Where can I find it?)

    This day is the day the World Nobles from the Grand Line arrive to the Kingdom of Goa.
    Kingdom was preparing for a massive ceremony to welcome the ship.

    citizen: hey, someone's sailing on the ship!
    Hey!! Out of the way!! you'll get in the way of the ceremony!!
    Is that a fisherman's boat!? There's a little child on it!
    What!? A child!? Whose child is that!?

    Sabo: This is a good day! It's a perfect day to set sail!!

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